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SEJONG Korean BEG Patches

*Coursebooks, INT patches and fun patches (sold separately) not included 

SEJONG Korean BEG Patches

SKU: 6
  • Dimensions: Around 2-3 inches for each patch, may vary up to 0.5 inch.

    • 2 pcs Embroidered Patches inspired by SKLS Beginners Level Coursebooks (designs may differ from actual coursebooks)
    • Great for sticking or sewing onto our Study Tote, Varsity Jacket, School Diary, or any other caps / bags / jeans of your choice!

    Adhesion Options:

    Sew On: Patches have no adhesion backing, sew on to secure <if sewn on well, will not be affected by multiple washes, may be able to remove it by unpicking the stitches with controlled damage to the base material>

    Stick On: Patches have strong glue tape backing, stick on and leave under weighted object to secure, avoid washing for 2 days after sticking on <easiest to secure, good for many washes (we tried!), removal may be difficult without damaging the base material.

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